REG employee connects fuel line to fill truck with biodiesel

Fuel Marketing

As a dependable organization in the distillate marketplace with in-depth analysis of market trends and outlooks, our dedicated sales force is uniquely positioned to meet our customers’ needs. REG has over ​700 full-time employees across the country dedicated to every aspect of advanced biofuel production and marketing.

REG sales touch all parts through the diesel supply chain. As a comprehensive biodiesel company, REG provides not only marketing and communication but an active sales force in markets ​around the world. Our logistics team supports movement of product and transport assets to terminal positions across  the United States and Europe.

With the help of our extensive transportation assets, REG can be a pathway for large petroleum companies, distribution terminals and small producers to go beyond local markets. Our company maintains relationships with other biodiesel producers in order to move product as needed to best serve the renewable fuels demand. We market the biodiesel we produce as well as the biodiesel produced by others.

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