Daytime wide shot of biorefinery including scaffolding and platforms, fuel tanks

​Conversion to Fuel

Every day, we are redefining quality. Biodiesel produced by ​REG goes through a unique process following the most stringent standards available in the industry. We manufacture biodiesel in the U.S. that meets or exceeds ASTM D6751 quality specifications. In Europe, we manufacture biodiesel that meets European biofuel specification EN 14214. Using proprietary feedstock refining processes, REG can tailor fuel quality specifications to meet the demands of individual customers and market segments.

All REG-9000 Biodiesel production locations in the U.S. are required to be approved by the National Biodiesel Accreditation Committee for BQ-9000® Producer status.  

Our commercial-scale biorefineries utilize a continuous-flow production process which allows us to recycle water, reduce energy consumption and earn value from co-product streams.

REG seeks to be an active commercialization partner for additional advanced biofuel and renewable chemical technology companies. Many of the assets required to deploy these new technologies already exist at our biodiesel biorefineries.

BQ-9000 is a licensed trademark of the National Biodiesel Board, used with permission.


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