Renewable Energy Group, Inc.

REG-9000™ Biodiesel

With more than fifteen years of biodiesel production and marketing experience, Renewable Energy Group, Inc. (REG) is proud to offer B100 or B99.9 biodiesel from our biorefinery or terminal locations. The REG-9000TM biodiesel product line-up offers more stringent standards than ASTM D6751, regardless of feedstock. Whether you are an obligated party on the East Coast, a regional petroleum distributor in the Southeast, an underground mine near the Rockies, a farmers’ cooperative in Texas or a city fleet in Hawaii, REG-9000 biodiesel is available when and where you need it.

REG is committed to redefining quality with our REG-9000 biodiesel product line-up.

We offer national supply and logistics for on-demand biodiesel delivery.

  • Seven commercial-scale biodiesel production facilities total more than 225 million gallons of biodiesel production each year
  • Flexibility in product availability from multiple network plants across the country
  • Seventeen terminal locations
  • Dedicated rail car fleet and nationwide truck fleet partnerships for on-demand delivery

With a laboratory at each biorefinery, we make quality assurance our number one priority.

  • REG-9000 biodiesel product line-up offers more stringent standards than ASTM D6751 specifications
  • RIN generating facilities are BQ-9000® Producers
  • Patent-pending feedstock purification technology guarantees quality regardless of feedstock

With a full-time RINs manager, REG offers superior RIN compliance for RFS2 obligated parties.

  • Internal accounting system linked directly to EMTS to avoid time delays in RIN transactions
  • Early adopter of EMTS
  • Dedicated full-time RIN manager
  • Centralized RIN management program tracks RINs from all REG manufacturing facilities
  • Eligible to produce Biomass-Based Diesel and Advanced Biofuels category RINs

REG offers several pricing and risk management options to meet your needs. Contact your biodiesel sales manager to learn more.

  • Supply contracts
  • Indexed pricing
  • Spot pricing
  • Feedstock-plus pricing
  • Ability to attach additional RINs with each wet gallon(up to 2.5 RINs per gallon)